The Fire

  Through the trees, the playful sun warmed the mild September afternoon as it romped carelessly around our new playground. Jumping from freshly painted monkey bars, glistening down the metal slide, and curling around the chains of the swings, it reminded me of the giddy children just yesterday. My own boy, Jamal, led the younger… Continue reading The Fire

In Her Name

  Leah checked her reflection in the front window. Red-rimmed eyes spoiled her expensive makeup. Her designer dress was damp from the humidity of the laundromat. Shutting her eyes against the harsh lights, she let her thoughts drift back. She saw Mama, hauling a mountain of laundry between the washers. Mama’s gentle voice said, “Baby… Continue reading In Her Name

Indulge Me

“Congratulations, it’s a girl!” The nurse laid the precious bundle into Angie McAvoy’s arms while her husband Dave looked on with adoration. Lilly was a perfect baby; she had ten fingers, ten toes, two sparkling blue eyes, a shock of strawberry blonde curls, and a darling face that would make an angel jealous. Her parents… Continue reading Indulge Me

Snow Boy

The unforgiving and wicked-spirited north wind attacks her through her layers as she trudges forward. She knows the path to the school well. Her breath makes the little hairs in her nostrils stick together. A swirl of snow whips up into her eyes, and she throws an arm in front of her face. Waiting patiently… Continue reading Snow Boy